Wednesday, November 30, 2011

its been long, i tot i could give up, tot i could be alright, but i realise i still like you after seeing you today

Saturday, December 25, 2010

it was short, the time we spent together
but you've deeply rooted in me
i'm letting go of you now
chilly breezes hurt me so
usual goodbyes's much harder today
it bring tears to my eyes

i'm pushing you out(of me)
its hard but i'm letting you go
it wont be easy for me

be strong
even if i suffocate,
even if i suffocate

always the same, letting out a sigh
with a cigarette in my mouth
teetering tie between us
still keeps me here
somehow even breathing
is too much for me today

be strong so that we dont stop
so that we dont stop

as i let you go,
fading away and saying goodbye,
now i'll start eating veg, milk, yogurt and yam
goodbye my constipation~~

HAHAHAH!! super funny, the song is called constipation by norazo.. it may sound like a love song if u do not know the title isnt it?? MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Monday, November 29, 2010

WOAH!!! I'm finally posting on this page.. once again. hahas. I'm not sure why I'm posting too, there's nothing to post but had this urge to do so. well... I'm leaving for lijiang, China in a few days and honestly, i regretted signing up for this trip): sigh, i may just die there as i told my friends. the scenery is nice and i just need a push or a relaspe from some illness. whahahaha!! promos are over, and i did better than wat i expected. LOL. funny hey, its been so long since promos are over.. hahas, AND MY NEW CLASS IS FULL OF NERDS AND GEEKS. i'll sure have a good time next year!): OMG, i have audition for SYF tml and i haven practice, aiya, who cares. hahas
bye blog! see u in next year? lalala~~

Monday, April 12, 2010

hey watsup ppl.
hows life? life's kinda sucks isn't it?
hahas. saddening.
i am just goin to make my blog alive onli uh.
see, i dun really noe wat to post.
JC stuff are tough man, so many things i dun noe.
if i got a chance, i would rather go poly man.
but here got some free starbucks uh.XD
kinda miss starbuckin man. sigh.
signin off! BYE!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

yoyoyo peeps. had lots of fun this week, which means i didnt study much this week.XD
hahas. just goin to make my blog alive, tats all! LOL. GOIN CAMPIN TML! NOT EXCITED. WOOHOO!! LOL.

now the music plays,
walking down a
path that would lead me away from you
and once that last note plays its song, id be holding
someone elses hands but yours

Saturday, March 6, 2010


hey friends. tryin to revive my blog after few days without posting anything. LOL. Anyway, LIFE SUCKS. hahahas. Lesson sucks, ppl sucks, weather sucks, except tcs and friends are alright. Everything is f**ked up man, just like my JC friend says. Hahas.:(

so, i'm like in guitar ensemble now, and i really think tat e sessions are damn ineffective. So wat if they seperate music incline ones away? 1 hour and wat are we still doin? clappin e beat. WTF man! i rather go for real lessons. still dun have a guitar:( shall go guitar huntin durin e 2 days holidays. sigh. march holidays are like normal march days man. just tat got 2 day off. hahaha. see, JC sucks! should have went to poly instead. tartar, gotta sleep. SWIMMIN TML! WOOHOO!


Friday, February 5, 2010

yo ppl! Didn't post for almost a week, so i'm here to post one today! like DUH uh. hahas. Just finished our J1 orientation ytd. Had lots of fun, had cheers, mass dance, amazing race, college games, college song, touch rugby, captain ball, dodge ball and most importantly friends! Met some friends tat are "normal". Saw some class tat had cbk in it, felt so lucky i'm in 1So1! hahas. And and.. OUR HOUSE WON!! WOOHOO! LOLS.

went for canoe trials 2 times, and it was hellish. had to run, do pumpings and crunches. woah, tiring man. Although i wanted to give up, my canoe friends encouraged miie and i completed the training. To think of tat, isn't it true tat one would need friends in their life to motivate them and encourage them in order to perserve through e hardship? hahas